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As children from the late 80s, we grew up loving Transformers, Gundam, Star Wars, Pokemon and other wonderful epics from the 80s and 90s era. 


So, we made a promise to ourselves to deliver the best childhood memories to all hobby enthusiasts out there, who share the same interest as us.


As a growing studio, we aim to maintain the high standards we have set since the release of our maiden project, Mecha Venusaur. A mechanized rendition of the cult classic Pokemon from Gen 1. Venusaur.


By sourcing the finest sculptors, artists and painters, we ensure every little detail of each figurine is taken into consideration. Our aim is to achieve the highest fidelity and perfection in each project.


We believe we have started something incredible here. And it all happened thanks to the trust and support from you, our customers. We sincerely value your opinions, and we will do everything we can to make you feel AWESOME.  Thank you and stay tuned for more exciting stuff from us at Framewars Studio.

We envisioned Pokemons as powerful mechanical beings with destructive power. With that in mind, we maintained the core essence and visualization of the original design. But at the same time, we gave it a twist and made it more appealing to the general audience. Technically we thought ‘what if’ a pokemon goes through a different type of evolution? And the result - Mecha Pokemons.


Mecha Venusaur was our first project and we had a lot of fun, and challenges while developing it. But the end result was well-received by all collectors. We intend to release Mecha Blastoise next and followed by Mecha Charizard to complete the first-gen starter line up. 




Marco Mottura


"I just got my statue and I am BLOWN AWAY by it. Seriously, it’s stunning. The statue is incredible."

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