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Announcement - Policy Update

Due to the global supply chain bottleneck, all units shipped by sea freight have gone through massive delays and not to mention, other logistics challenges as well. This has become a common obstacle for all the studios within the industry. Additionally, it also posed numerous operational challenges for us.

Nevertheless, we are happy to announce that we have successfully shipped out 90% of our units to customers around the world. Unfortunately, a selected few units were damaged during the transit, but we have communicated with the respective owners to resolve this issue.

“Finally, we would also like to inform you that we have additional Mecha Venusaurs left!”

Consequently, we have ironed out our Shipping Policy & Terms and Conditions to ensure proper transparency is presented across our business dealings. Most importantly, to allow our fans & customers to have an insight & reference point on the updated policies.

Finally, we would also like to inform you that we have additional Mecha Venusaurs left! These remaining units are the result of cancellation by the original buyers. Whereas the others were unavailable for shipping to selected regions. So, to all those fans who have been continuously checking with us on the availability of our maiden figurine - here’s your chance to own one!

Please be informed the units are limited in number so please grab them while they are available. Once all remaining units are sold out, we will NOT be re-producing Mecha Venusaur anymore as we have already begun work on our next projects.


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