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Mecha Blastoise - Ready to Ship

An army of Mecha Blastoise ready to be deployed. We are in the final stages of QC and will be contacting all buyers in the coming weeks with the shipping details and cost, weight and box dimensions. Additionally, we are also in discussion with our partners to plan out the shipping.

With a leaner team, our workflow have been a bit more process driven & we wanted to make sure that we only announce concrete updates. We are also aware on the delay in comms, and will make every effort possible to get in touch with all those who have contacted us recently.

Consequently, we have ironed out our Shipping Policy & Terms and Conditions to ensure proper transparency is presented across our business dealings. Most importantly, to allow our fans & customers to have an insight & reference point on the updated policies.

Please be informed the units are limited in number so please grab them while they are available. Once all remaining units are sold out, we will NOT be re-producing Mecha Blastoise anymore as we are planning for our next project


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