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Mecha Blastoise - Shipping Updates


We will be sending out the shipping options/details beginning today. All buyers should receive an invoice by end of next week. Whereas for buyers who booked a unit via deposit, you will be receiving two separate invoices; one for the balance payment, and the other would be for your shipping.


Please ensure your shipping details and address are updated. And in the event you'd like to change the delivery details, please drop us an email.


We have managed to secure a flat rate fo most of the EU nations, and cost of both Air and Sea freight are significantly lesser than previous years for Rest of The World.


We will begin shipping by end of the month, and following batches will be shipped January onward.

For buyers who purchased both Mecha Blastoise & Mecha Venusaur - we will communicate with you soon once we have the precise shipping rates. MV comes in a larger and heavier box (approx 11kg) whereas MB is around 8.2kg.


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