Neo Terra

Frame Wars is set in the Neo Terra Universe consisting of the New Earth, terraformed over hundreds of years by the  Cataclysm of the Cosmic Spore's arrival. The impact manifested earth with an alien-metalic substance known as Terranium which significantly altered the structure and magnetic fields of the old earth, creating massive terraplatforms, floating mountains, and impact craters. It dawned the New Age of man and hybrid co-existing in a world of relentless assault and dominion over each other's terrirtories.



Hybrids are Terranium infested animals. After the Cataclysm, the initial Hybrids possessed Terranium body parts at random, however as time passed, they are refined over the natural selection process into a more standardized and distinguishable species.  Hybrids consists of various size and aggresive levels, just as how the original animal kingdom was. However, over time, the Terranium manifestation has evolved them to grow sophisticated abilities, weaponary and armour platings. Just as humans dominated all animals in the Old Earth through weapons and technology, the hybrids are now equipped with their own, and is no longer easily subjugated. Hybrids now walked Neo Terra not as animals ready to be hunted but as predators armed with powerful weaponary.

When mankind was released from The Bastions, their primary objective was to re-populate Neo Terra, however, the Hybrids too, had the same natural instinct. Ever since, both Man and Hybrids had been fighting to expand their own territories. While men fight with coordinated machineries and military might, Hybrids fight with pure savagery and deadly weapons. Winning over a Gamma-classed Hybrid was never an easy campaign, and usually comes with heavy casualties. There were many instances that cities were attacked by the Hybrids causing severe damages to the humans, buildings and infrastructures. Not all Hybrids are predators. There are still domesticated ones that live amongst human beings.



After their release, Mankind slowly repopulated the Old Earth beginning from the epicentre of the Bastion. To commemorate the dawn of a New Age, Earth was renamed Neo Terra. As governments were formed, new sector boundaries marked, and the fluorishment of human population slowly into the uncharted teritories, they were met with great resistance. Each government, in their own effort attempted to expand their territorial boundaries to increase their natural resources and further expand their cities. However, as they colonized, Hybrids began to defend their natural habitat, with more powerful and larger Hybrids class appeared one after another. The efforts of mankind to regain Neo Terra’s territories resulted in heavy casualties in the war against the Hybrids.

To ensure the preservation and expansion of Neo Terra, the governments have come together and pulled in their resources to form TerraSphere. This significantly enhanced their weapons research team and allowed coordinated distribution of resources and military capacity. With this, they started the Redemption Program which sought to develope the ultimate military weapon that stands a fighting chance against the Hybrids. They created the Frames.



Frames were the ultimate war machines that herald the Age of Expansion. It takes the form of a humanoid machine programmed to mimic the movement and reflexes of the pilot’s human body. This resulted in a fighting machine with increased reflexes to counter the Hybrid savagery instincts. Created and manufactured by the TerraSphere, under the agreement of the Expansion Treaty, each sector is awarded a single basic Frame to lead their military campaigns against the Hybrids. The Sectors will then equip the Frame with their own unique weapons and armour. As more Gamma-classed hybrids were hunted, the Redemption Programme developed the technology to arm the Frames with Hybrid parts, giving them enhanced abilities, weapons and armours.

As war waged on, mankind finally had something to fight equally with the Hybrids without sustaining heavy damage on their troops and cities. The Frame later becomes the embodiment of Hope for mankind.